Virtual Name Draw - Free Online Secret Santa Game

Virtual Name Draw - The Free Virtual Name Drawing Game - Fun for Secret Santa, Work or Family Gift Exchanges!

Virtual Name Draw

Step 1

Enter the name of your gift exchange.
(Example: The Smith family Secret Santa)

Step 2

Enter your name and e-mail address.
(As the Administrator, you will receive e-mail notifications when your participants draw names. You may choose to see who draws what name, or keep it a secret.)

Step 3

Enter the date by which all names must be drawn.

Step 4

Enter names and e-mail addresses for gift exchange participants.
(Participants will be e-mailed a personalized link to your Virtual Name Draw. Once they choose a name, they will receive an e-mail confirmation. Names drawn will be eliminated from the hat.)

Step 5

Add more names to the list, or if you're done, click “Go!” That’s it!
(All participants will receive an e-mail with a personalized link to choose a name in your Virtual Name Draw.)





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